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Cryogenic Blast Machine “SOFTBLASTA”


This machine deflashes burrs which occurred when manufacturing rubber and die-casted products automatically.

The machine removes burrs efficiently by utilizing the cold energy of liquid nitrogen (-196℃). We provide several machine line-ups to remove burrs from various products/items.


1.Embrittle burrs of target products by utilizing the cold energy of liquid nitrogen (-196°C).

2.The cold temperature should be changed to appropriate temperature depends on the material.

3.Efficiently removes burrs without damaging target products by utilizing the discharging of shot material.


Depending on the product material, size, and amounts of burrs left, deburring conditions like the cooling temperature, size of the shot material, discharging speed of the shot material, processing time, and barrel rpm, change in order to remove burrs efficiently.
This machine is suitable for products from which burrs could not be removed manually or mechanically.
And, at the same time, deburring accuracy and production efficiency are improved.



Model : SCS-CB-500Z-SUPER

This is the most popular model.
Barrel useful capacity is 30L/batch, and this is the biggest size of our machines.
Also, strong discharging power makes easy and speedy deburring.

Model : SCS-CB-MB380

This model is appropriate to remove burrs from fine products

Rotation Method: Barrel type

Setting Temperature: Room Temp. ~ -120℃

Barrel Useful Capacity: 30L

Power: 6.6kW 200V 3Phase

Rotation Method: Removable Barrel Type

Setting Temperature: Room Temp. ~ -120℃

Barrel Useful Capacity: 3L

Power: 4.3kW 200V 3Phase

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